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Bidding For Good

A Simple Way to Manage Your Charitable Donations!

BiddingForGood has designed an online tool to help you reduce the time-consuming process of managing donation requests from local charities and schools.

The Program

We’ve talked with lots of businesses like yours, who donate items and services to charity auctions. They told us that they need a better way to manage your donation requests, so BiddingForGood developed the Automated Item Request System (AIRS).

Personalized Website For Donation Requests

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Get your personalized website for receiving donation requests at Your site is fully customizable to make sure you preserve your brand presence.

Manage Donation Requests With Ease

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Spend your time running your business instead of managing your charitable donations. AIRS makes it simple to receive and manage donation requests with our suite of management tools.

Automated Emails

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AIRS will email the charity on your behalf to notify them of your decision to approve or reject their donation request. You can fully customize your emails to fit your needs.

In Depth Reporting

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If you love numbers, you’re in luck! Our in depth reporting provides insight into every aspect of your charitable donations.

Full Lifecycle Tracking

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AIRS doesn’t stop reporting once you approve or reject a donation request. Our tools allow you to track the fulfillment and redemption of your donations to provide a complete view of your charitable giving.

Event Notifications

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Get notified when any activity occurs in your charitable donation lifecycle. Our customizable notification system lets you define which types of events you would like to be notified about and who should be notified.

What About Your Data?

They’re your donation requests so it’s your data! Export ALL of your data at any time to CSV for easy storage or import into other software packages such as Microsoft Excel.

Hear From Current AIRS Participants

Watch this short video of AIRS participant testimonials.


About Us

BiddingForGood, the leading provider of online auction services, is committed to helping charitable organizations all over the country run the best possible auction fundraisers. In exchange for providing AIRS to businesses, BiddingForGood reserves the right to contact any charitable organizations that request item donations via your site in order to offer our auction fundraising services.

BiddingForGood will never sell or give this data to 3rd parties.